Planning to do a make up classes one stop will be in Oahu at the end of August. Would you go? What do you want to see? Bridal? Editorial? #mua #makeupclass
  • elessajadePlanning to do a make up classes one stop will be in Oahu at the end of August. Would you go? What do you want to see? Bridal? Editorial? #mua #makeupclass

  • elessajadeThanks @lissaandbeauty yay we can finally meet!!! Would you be interested in glitter colors or bridal?
  • lissaandbeautyWe already met at IMATS LA I gave you the handmade Leis that I made for you? No worries you must have met so many people that weekend😉. I would be interested in glitter colors😄😉 I cannot wait. I am just waiting for the Phamexpo tickets to go on sale for me & my makeup BFF @kairi_jenn_yi
  • joan808Thx @elessajade !
  • elessajadeYes I remember you gave me three 😍😍 :) sorry I feel like we talked more on twitter or something. Thanks again. It's hard to keep track on these social medias. Yes so seems like glitter is the winner. Would you say that Hawaiians prefer colors classes than bridal?
  • elessajade@lissaandbeauty opps forgot to loop your name lol
  • elessajade@phame_xpo will be so much fun @lissaandbeauty
  • lissaandbeautyThank you for letting me know about @phame_xpo because I just purchased my 2 day tickets. And also thank you to Cheryl from Phamexpo on notifying me that my ticket order went through. What great customer service😉
  • elessajade@lissaandbeauty Yay yay I can't wait to see you again. That will be 3 times for 2013. Wahooooo
  • kuro_koneko:o Im no professional, but I modeled at IMATs (and took a picture with you!) and would love to learn something home in Hawaii :) I vote glitters !
  • elessajade@kuro_koneko yay you don't need to be a pro. Just gotta love make up :)
  • _mymydollx3Truly will be the very first makeup guru that I'll be meeting! Ohmy!! I so cannot wait! I love watching your yt vids! youre so sweet&oh so gorgeous&please bring your lovely accessories especially BOWS! i💜bows🎀! lol most def need a pic with you&of course I best get my cute outfit for this event!! You will truly love oahu ! ☀🌴👙
  • lissaandbeautyI do believe so for colors classes. Glitter here you come😄 I am so happy that you are taking time for your busy schedule to do a class for us in Hawaii😊
  • deedubb808@elessajade YES!!!!!! Please let us know if you will have classes!!!!! ❤💄💅💋🌴
  • elessajade@lissaandbeauty thanks for letting me know. I am so excited for the class :) xxo
  • elessajade@deedubb808 yay the plan is for August 31 hope you can go
  • deedubb808@elessajade ill be there!!!! don't forget your 🎀🎀🎀!!! can't wait to meet my favorite youtube guru! 💕
  • klynonmauiI would love to go! @elessajade
  • elessajade@klynonmaui hurray plan for sat aug 31 :) I'm gonna make it happen 😍😍🎀🎀
  • elessajade@deedubb808 bows are ready to go :) xxoo
  • drieeeezyOooooh! I'll totally be there!
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