Want to win this cute headband like @mettaxiong ? Just tell me below. Don't forget to follow me #elessajade #giveaway #pinkbow
  • elessajadeWant to win this cute headband like @mettaxiong ? Just tell me below. Don't forget to follow me #elessajade #giveaway #pinkbow

  • joan808Would love one !🎀💗🎀💗🎀💗
  • alphadeltamuWould love to win! Superrr cute. :)
  • ashleyalauraI love bows i wear one everyday. This one is perfect
  • dreanakai73OMG..my 8 year old loves n wud want one.
  • fitnessnlipglossAnything pink and with SPIKES is too darn cute..i would love one!!
  • cellapazI have to wear all black to work but I have total liberty with my accessories. This would be perfect! It would totally make me not mind that I have to work with cranky patients all day while the sun is shining outside!!
  • ginagina909I would love it but i know my daughter will steal it!
  • vapeitclassyGorgeous i have a bow obsession it would be even better if it were zebra :P
  • jaderojasletisiPleaseeeeee!
  • therandomgirlstuffThat is a fabulous headband! I would love one!
  • malidakhimI would love to win your headband, Elessa! Watching your videos over the years and following Pursebuzz have gotten me so into bows
  • veronica.canchola1Omg I do I wanna win this cute adorable bow Elessa :) I love your videos your so adorable and do such an amazing work on the videos you are such an inspiration to me and many girls you have inspired me to make some videos of my own still doing my best on them but still need more work on all videos of course need a way better camera to do like vlogs and tutorials and much more but hopefully soon!!
  • cammy87Cute 💕
  • fatimaburgessxoxoI want to win!!! That headband is so cute:D!! Perfect for spring!! Btw happy first day of spring<3!!:)
  • elessajade@fatimaburgessxoxo happy first day of spring to you too!
  • atisthanI want to win!
  • l2athaPick me :)
  • gigiwalls@elessajade I want to win this! XD
  • gigiwallsI wanna win! =D @elessajade
  • vanillasugar507I want to win this , love pink and hair accessories :) @elessajade
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