Channeling Bam Bam today!!!!
  • kimzolciakbiermannChanneling Bam Bam today!!!!

  • sonnydimauro10😍😍
  • sweetiepyetee@kellyblooking She seen her @kimzolciakbiermann but she didn't even look at her. She was so fake and phony, she wasn't trying to see her. I guess because she wasn't a celebrity or the camera's were not on @neneleakes.
  • cindyfromthelowereastYes u look cute!
  • sweetiepyetee@kellyblooking and @kimzolciakbiermann She spoke but very phony, kept walking and didn't even her/my way.
  • ubaldomarylouSo6Os
  • twise17701Yea I have to agree nene did let it go to her head she kills me about the Glam mom r u for real u ain't no better thn any other grand mom out there nene don't get the shit twisted she just erks me any more with the bull crap she does nene shouldn't talk about any of the housewives because she sure the hell ain't no dam better.
  • ceramicheartIt's nice to see you without so much makeup Kim. You're beautiful naturally.
  • vivalamelizza@sweetiepyetee so what!...why do you need to @ Kim in this she needs to entertain this?..go get your life!..Nene may have saw her but didn't know she said hi. Nene is a regular person like all of us..this won't be the first time your 10 year old won't get spoken to, its your job to teach her that not everyone in this world wont be as kind as her. Its LIFE get over it! You so angry why not address Nene directly? What does Kim have to do with this?...grow up, be a woman and learn to let stuff go. If you let God handle this then why be on IG running ur mouth about it?...IJS
  • vivalamelizza@kimzolciakbiermann you look adorable
  • lol_xo99Congrats on everything u do, and succeeding to the top, beautiful!!!! May I tell u that one day God will bless u and ur lovely family even more than he already has! Congrats on your new home, all of ur gorgeous children, and ur husband!! U have an amazing life with Kroy and unlike many people would, ur with him for the love, not his money! He'd pay everything for u, and u still work. Now that's a GROWN ASS WOMAN! Congrats honey!
  • kandihamiltonI agree with perfectlyyy_imperrfect. Honey you have the perfect family. Grow that and you will be filled with joy. Dont about a person that has to walk in a place and open her mouth to get the attention. I'm 5'11", I dont need to speak to get attention
  • sweetiepyetee@vivalamelizza Why are you on IG talking. Apparently you don't have kids or a life yourself.
  • vivalamelizza@sweetiepyetee sweetie I'm just on here talking the same way you are and yes I have 2 kids..just not gonna loose my panties if someone don't talk to them...smh. a dog that is hit will bark..there you have it..truth hurts! How much of a life do you have worrying about Nene Leakes?
  • vivalamelizza@sweetiepyetee be blessed clearly I touched a nerve...enjoy your life.
  • krushgirlz@kimzolciakbiermann can we send Brielle our custom Timbs email us at for shipping an size info
  • allicatmeow@oliviawonderful we need that
  • stateofhayes@wily_thingg do u know how to tie these?
  • shamcro❤This look
  • a.moo7mdSexy
  • cwheat1982I love how real you are!! No painted on makeup fake out face! Your true beauty shines thru!
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