Trevor Bayne may be the youngest driver to win the daytona 500, but his parking skills need some work!
  • travispastranaTrevor Bayne may be the youngest driver to win the daytona 500, but his parking skills need some work!

  • lilpaulygRam runner suck big time ass.@erezzzzzzz_494
  • erez_372yWell then @lilpaulyg
  • mattcmoore1999@lilpaulyg that's a ford not a ram
  • lilpaulygYeah I know that@mattmore1234. Somebody suggested that he buy a ram runner instead of that ford raptor so I told him they suck.
  • jeffreydewaldNice car
  • austingoproThat's a ford raptor
  • jared_scott15@lilpaulyg the ram runner beat the raptor..they did a test and the ram performed better in what the trucks were actually made for, off road. Not saying the raptor is bad, but more of a "look at me" type of truck more city then off road but dodge made the ram runner for what it was made for and ford is more of a yes and no it does better then a normal truck would off road but, not as good as the ram.
  • lilpaulygU have a point there@jared_scott15. But if I was to buy a gas truck I would most definitely get a Raptor. But for a Diesel Nothing beats the ram.
  • tstrike45The raptor is far better than the ramrunner it beat it in every test except the desert whoops because the wheel travel on the ram is bigger and it has a much longer wheel base which isnt good for offroading if you knew your shit @jared_scott15 but you dont plus you dont even own a raptor so hop off
  • jared_scott15@tanman_199 lol raptors are city boy trucks, I would rather keep a ram runner and my man hold then using terms like "hop off" like some girl would, so keep your raptor city boy while us dodge people we be hitting the mud on the weekend and pulling the heavy loads on work days while you sit there and say "yeah it has a fox kit on it" in a Parking lot while dodge will be hauling what ford can't.
  • tstrike45You own a 1500 you can tow 10000lbs thats alot....and why you hate on @travispastrana. Obv you havent seen any raptor videos. Ohh btw what won the baja 1000 in its class the raptor not the ram infact it didnt even compete.
  • jared_scott15@tanman_199 dude Travis is like my hero, I like that raptor but I just like dodge better. In fact ford is one of my fav. Truck company's and dodge. It's just the raptor looks like a f-150 with buff out sides? They should have changed the look up more but it's a sick truck 400+ hp it's a monster lol I'm just leaning more towards the ram runner because what I have seen it do stock just straight off the line to the mud and jumps and sand
  • jared_scott15@tanman_199 were you being sarcastic when you said "it pulls 10,000 that's a lot" Just wondering because to me that's a good amount for a 2007 truck lol getting a 2014 or 2013 model 2500 most Likely but as long as my 07 keeps its condition I should not be needing a new truck anytime soon.
  • jared_scott15@fvckingnarwhal lol that's why they are all used for city boys and rich teens? And the ram runner was based off baja 1000 and is used in baja also...
  • ferafaneSssssssss Ford Raptor
  • cayden_88Ford suck
  • bike_rider_1999Ford rule and dodge ram 3500 rule
  • _davidbourne_^ only ford
  • g.pendallFord rule
  • joshua_fredricson_Go ford Holden suck @cayden_88
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