Master bedroom!!! The view is amazing!!!
  • kimzolciakbiermannMaster bedroom!!! The view is amazing!!!

  • tina8213@kimzolciakbiermann I agree ♥ keep up your hard work! U guys deserve it :)
  • summersun04Stunning!
  • jessjo516Wow! Looks amazing. I bet the finished product will be even nicer. Congrats. Looking forward to the Don't Be Tardy season premier :)
  • simply_sarah775wow! spectacular.
  • ttrusselOmg so so amazing!!! I'm so jealous ;-) yet so happy for you!!!
  • goga2601Интересный потолок.
  • leelee901Beautiful!!
  • cala_lilly❤It Kim!! God Bless
  • coco_yolo5Is she sleep walking in Kandi house
  • kittyfradyI want to see the view! Post a pic please
  • missangiebaybee@itscoco5baby CLEARLY has a personal problem....
  • sincerelytia_@kimzolciakbiermann You asked, You believed & You received! Congrats doll!🙌
  • timberlake_house_bed_breakfastAmazing!!!!
  • tine_34Which is it lying Kim are you building your dream home or renovating a foreclosure? I think you forget what you say. It really doesn't matter just don't lie about it. @kimzolciakbiermann
  • keepingupwithlolove^^these hoes stay hatiin^^
  • wantabmeI'm happy for you, but don't talk about Kandi if you're doing same thing, nothing wrong with Saving money :-) I would
  • alexis_jeannieRenovating a foreclosure can be like building your dream home. You get to do whatever you want to it on the inside. Just saying.
  • janiceholfeldIt wasn't finished so it is building your dream home as you get to put your touch and ideas on's beautiful so happy for you.
  • ivansad17Ummmm wtf ? She didn't do it like kandi ! Kandi was living there when it looked like that. Next
  • kracie16Who cares if @kimzolciakbiermann built it from the ground up or just had the money to finish what someone else couldn't? I wouldn't be complaining either way and would just be grateful for the finished product and knowing it was my home!!
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