The #Leafs on the ice at MCC for practice Monday #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsThe #Leafs on the ice at MCC for practice Monday #TMLtalk

  • jakelloyddWell Grabo hasn't played well at all this season.... You don't reward a guy to shoot in a shootout when he's playing like crap
  • jakelloydd@kieran_a13 you can name call all you want. Don't care. But clearly you're an awful seasons tickets holder.... If you are even a season tickets holder hahaha
  • kieran_a13@jakewlloyd lol grabovski isn't playing like crap, he's not producing offensively as much because he's being use to shut down the opposing teams top line... Do you actually watch the games? awful season ticket holder? Pretty sure I'm louder and cheering more thanmost of the men in suits eating their sushi.
  • jakelloyddWhatever man lol. Grabbo isnt playing that well shutdown.... I understand why he isn't producing offensively because he isn't getting the ice. But id like to see us trade him and kuly for a better 3rd line centre. Like a Brandon Sutter
  • kieran_a13@jakewlloyd nobody is gonna take Grabo at the contract Burke signed him to. I actually like kulimen unlike some people, I can see him settle in a 10-15 goal 3rd liner. I don't like Grabo as a shutdown center because it takes away what he was brought here to do and that's produce offence. I kinda belive Burke was going to trade kadri in the Luongo deal and that's why he was fired. Ending up Forcing Carlyle to make grabo the shutdown center when kadri started lighting it up.
  • jakelloyddYa man kuly is whatever but I do agree his contract blows. But I mean who would of thought that we would be "deep" up the middle. Because I definitely believe that Kadri should be our second line guy
  • jakelloydd@kieran_a13
  • kieran_a13@jakewlloyd and maybe more with reports saying the leafs are going for Reibero and a top 4 dman...(#freejakegardiner) it's an odd situation with our top 3 centers. Mcclement is a solid 4th liner. Just Grabo doesn't fit with the team anymore and you can't get rid of him.
  • vatchekappLets go leafs
  • jakelloyddIt's an interesting situation no doubt! @kieran_a13 but jake definitely needs to get up with the big club
  • jeremybmarlowLol really?! @kieran_a13 you're knocking his defence? Makes sense I guess.. I mean, he only goes against the top teams in the league. He also has only played with minors in their first NHL seasons (kostka and now Holzer.) he's made both of those two players play like top 4 defenders. He's obviously turned the puck over in key situations everyone makes mistakes.. But to say he isn't a good d is kind of ridiculous. :p
  • kieran_a13@jeremybmarlow Kostka and holzer are top 4 dman? Is that why everyone is calling for holzer to be sent down and why he was removed from phaneufs partner because he couldn't play that role. Kostka is healthy scratch and is hardly a top 4 pairing. I don't understand why you make excuses for him, he's paid the way he is to play defence and produce offence. He can barely do either and he's cost us plenty of goals against and missed opportunities because he has the aim of a blind kid with down syndrome. Watch the Philly game and how timonen plays defence. Just defence, then compare it to phaneuf.
  • dicresce12Awsome it's the leafs
  • dicresce12I was at the mcc when it was march break
  • afragala@hamburgler03
  • hamburgler03You guys practice? #Leafs @afragala
  • afragalaCluster fucks @hamburgler03
  • hamburgler03It's funny that you can see "PROTECT THIS HOUSE" in BIG BOLD LETTERS!!! Yet we have a garbage home record #Leafs #GLG #1967 #HateThatI'mALeafsFan @afragala
  • kieran_a13@rhiannamehta literally from the beginning of the comments
  • robbiejackson88Keep practicing Toronto keep practicing
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