Pretty sure the lady next to me is flying with a large Yoda stuffed animal.
  • jonacuffPretty sure the lady next to me is flying with a large Yoda stuffed animal.

  • rawmrktgAttachment to the wise one, she has!
  • spaceyrappWhat?? That's wrong.
  • pade1_Let us all hope...
  • jheydaschStealth picture taking, Jon.
  • matthewpaulturnerIt looks like Max from Where the Wild Things Are...
  • mrslaurawitt@matthewpaulturner was just about to type the same. Or one of the Wild Things.... My kids have those and they look like that. Nice sneak shot
  • thatabbiberryPerceptive you are...
  • coleraga10@laurennmariev someone else in the world also has Yoda! Your life is complete.
  • philnitzIt could be a backpack. Yes, there is a backpack that has been made in the form of Yoda. You can get it at Disney World. Or, ya know, online.
  • melranetteIt's probably a Disney Yoda backpack
  • cfshrHow do you get these shots undetected?
  • alexis_ashYou seem to be extremely talented at getting these kinds of shots hahah
  • laurennmarievIt's a Yoda stuffed animal and it's the perfect cuddle size o
  • davedeckerjrShe's studying for the prostate examiner exam
  • sam_nichols12It's not a backpack I have one
  • _brittanyklausInstead of a security blanket, she has a security Yoda.
  • kimmygaskinsOr a small half-child, half-lizard.
  • jjthemoviestar...and?
  • rachelrheathI think that's the best case scenario.
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