I am ashamed of this. #AmateurHour
  • jonacuffI am ashamed of this. #AmateurHour

  • mommachef03Cough up the $10 for priority boarding!
  • brianeubWow, must suck to not be in the A group.
  • tyl_serAt least your number 1!
  • verdicchio_Dude.
  • juleschaalWow. This is a disappointment for a mega traveler such as your self @jonacuff ...
  • jaynehendryWow. Someone didnt set their alarm.
  • jacobcdaRookie mistake! Hahaha!
  • shawnyorkWith as much travel as you do, you should be AA executive platinum and hitting comp first class standby upgrades on almost every flight. Don't waste your time with SWA, it's fun, but not THAT fun ;-)
  • jonahbonahSomeone just totally busted my bubble on my boarding pass post! Tell me. If I'm in A Group do I get to pick my seat or do I have to go all the way to the back of the plane?? You're a flying expert...that's why I ask. Oh, and I'll see you at BlissDom!!!!
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