5000 signed #opiate
  • adamjones_tv5000 signed #opiate

  • in_tensionOrdered my copy of opiate this morning!! So awesome of you guys to sign every copy. Huge thanks man!!!
  • futtbuckers:) FUCK'N A
  • jdnathan11Giving back to dem fans! #goodman
  • cradleofrobertGot a copy of Opiate and Danny Carey's handed me his drumstick on the same day. Gracias Adam :)
  • bsaikinsSo happy to have gotten a copy of version 3, 4, and 5. Can't wait until it arrives. Maybe this will hold me over until the new material is released thanks @adamjones_tv
  • ryansmy@adamjones_tv Are you ambidextrous?? Or is this photo flipped horizontally?? Just curious.
  • futtbuckers@adamjones_tv people are saying your signature is missing on some of the copies of opiate 21st anniversary :(. Hopefully not true. Can't wait to get it
  • pop_losWhy sign on an unprotected area? Ugh.... my copy is in a ziplock bag right now.... No bueno.
  • butterflykisses326Oh my GOD I would give anything to have!!!!!!!! @adamjones_tv
  • gillie666I gotta copy of eBay f me so much money and Maynard can't sign a full name lol
  • le.lucieWell well well..several of your followers have led me here. They for whatever reason want to follow me and also stalk Jordan. It seems we can never move on from the tool nightmare. Until you apologize to me for what you did to my family..stealing #camdeleon (s) art and selling it overseas behind his back and pulling me and my children into the whole fiasco and destroying one of the best friendships you've ever had..WHAT DID CAM EVER DO TO YOU???!!!! NOTHING!! He was a good decent honest loyal hard working friend AND YOU KNOW IT!!! Until you apologize to me..you are dead. Do the fucking right thing!!! You have no fucking clue what you did to my children. They grew up with you. They loved you and respected you and you did that TO THIER FATHER!!!! Apologize to them too!!!! TOOL @adamjones_tv
  • le.lucie@adamjones_tv
  • le.lucie@adamjones_tv
  • le.lucie@adamjones_tv
  • le.lucie@adamjones_tv
  • angelwiththascabbedwingshair looks sick ! @adamjones_tv
  • jjsquared@capncrnch nope never came ;(
  • potsy_bandLeft-handed.
  • cecilcamBought all 5 of em
  • rayaudettedrumsI got one. Cost me a weeks pay but I got one
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