Can we get some love for Curve? Our guests ttly heart the new collection!
  • asosCan we get some love for Curve? Our guests ttly heart the new collection!

  • jopooutereCurve is 18+ - wish they started from size 12 which is where plus size starts for models
  • lbronxAsos curve sizes stars at 18. I buy from them all the time, so I would know :)
  • lucy_earnshawMost of the lines start at 20, there's a few lines that go from 18. I know I've looked and the 20's are a little too big for me :( I got a lovely parka in an 18 tho so here's hoping all the lines start from there!
  • lissroseIt would be really helpful if your Curve models were actually a size 18+, the size the range starts at, as it can be difficult to judge what a garment would be like on you when the model, though "plus size" which is ridiculous in itself, is nowhere near the size she is meant to be modelling.
  • tamara_not_tameraIt actually starts at a size 16 @lbronx
  • lottacootiez@lisstakesphotos well said!! :)
  • lbronx@tams_misunderstood It depends if we're talking uk or us. I'm ordering from the uk site and there it starts at 18 :)
  • hannahscot234@still_cut
  • lovezaeRemember that uk and us sizing is different so a size because in a American a size 14-16 is a size 18-20 in the UK
  • amycakesssBut when will your curve models actually be the size you sell? They are no way size 18 and above.
  • _lovethislifeAdorable
  • bo0bsandl0ubs@amycakesss lol I was thinking the same thing last night. She is a size uk/au 14 MAX!!!
  • loveirisblogCute
  • kozaki_wayNice!
  • crazydog791228Awesome!
  • rezaaprilianiBeautiful. Ngedit dmn?
  • chainlessbrain<--- tap!
  • asosWe're super excited for you all to see them.
  • jobluh
  • lertezaНорм банкетик
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