Harvesting za'atar #Lebanon
  • davidlebovitzHarvesting za'atar #Lebanon

  • deltabravosierraMy favorite Kräuter . I know it is from The Family of Thymian , but isnt it actually a mixture?? In any case, I could Never find it in Köln and ended up bringing a Kilo from ( of all places) Sao Paulo...
  • deltabravosierraIf You could kindly say where one can find it in Paris, I would appreciate ! Tnk you! @davidlebovitz
  • sukarah_blogHe is probably doing this for mo'neh.. Us lebanese r very orthodox about zaatar.
  • davidlebovitz@deltabravosierra you can't find this kind of za'atar in Paris- it's too fresh !
  • alisonhamuiIsn't zaatar a blend of spices and sesame seeds?
  • bbidiuc@fabfrannie you should follow @davidlebovitz. Food blogger, author, based in Paris and currently visiting Beirut!
  • deltabravosierraAlas! I will have to settle for my Brazilian one... Or perhaps a certain someone would bring it to Paris and would be wiling to exchange Zhatar for homemade. Mirabeelen marmalade ( for a Rabbit+ mustard stew ) in which case one could be contacted @
  • deltabravosierradbs64@gmx.de #dreamOn #asif @davidlebovitz
  • solsplitsI keep coming back to look at this photo. It's just such a great shot!
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