Being sick while working sucks.... Pero kayang kaya ko to!!! Stay positive!!!
  • iamangelicapBeing sick while working sucks.... Pero kayang kaya ko to!!! Stay positive!!!

  • somesaylove143Ang lakas ng bacteria na dumapo sa iyo teh....ano ba kasing pinag gagawa mo...di po dahil yan sa puyat...hmnnnnn iamangelicap
  • syrrem025o
  • itsmahwahVitamin c !
  • pisceanstarCongrats 44th box office film actress of the year
  • reddzterzithromax... hmmm...
  • iamjackiev21Get well. Antibiotics
  • iamjackiev21Take vitamin c while taking this po prevent superimpose infection !! Get well
  • lafamilleromero@drose013 FYI: the 500mg is 1 PO QD for 3 days & the 250 mg is 2 tabs PO on day 1 & 1 tab PO from Day 2 to 5.
  • lafamilleromero@mdjp21 👏 that's right! 1 tab. of 500mg PO for 3 days & the 250mg is 2 tabs PO on day 1 then 1 tab for 4 days. 👍
  • lafamilleromero@icecreamom you're right, 500mg is 1 tab. PO QD x 3 days 👍
  • wifeyofhoneyhi @iamangelicap mahirap magkasakit and worse uminom ng meds ganyan din gamot ko when i suffered acute tonsilitis
  • luv_giogiaHi ms. angelica. It's better to drink erythromycin for tonsilitis 500mg this is safer than Zithromax , and drink lot's of water...
  • mariahgracelle1Bakit po zithromax super lakas nyan ginagamit din po yan sa may std i research that medicine...
  • ____thurrific____Wonder drug
  • deniseysabel14That's vitamins c, a,e,
  • simplyluieI drink that for my tonsilitis ..
  • iam_supernanayMs @iamangelicap pinagbwal n yan ah binalita s tv dhil s side effects na d mganda s I remember s news po
  • karizze14Ibang med po ung sinasabi nyong nasa news.. Mag kamukha lang po packaging nung gamot.. @ chellomoreno728
  • mikalevs96Yup may side effect nga yan nasa memo ng hospital namin yan. Ms Angel, better consult your doctor nalang if you need to take meds.
  • acepiratelahat po ng meds may side effect, nasa taman pag gamit lng and may i correct po hnd po pinagbawal ang zithromax or any other kinds of #azithromycin
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