Congrats @robdawg_1969 you're today's #CruzDayTuesday @footlocker #Kickstagram winner!
  • teamvicCongrats @robdawg_1969 you're today's #CruzDayTuesday @footlocker #Kickstagram winner!

  • tevindanielNice!
  • guapofinesse._Nice kiks
  • headtowalllYES #knickstape #cantstopwontstop
  • frank840Homie got the champs official jersey!! Hardbody
  • fumando_heavyFuck the knicks
  • larrytheg#KnicksTape
  • rtice_xviiyou'd be a winner if you'd sign with the giants..
  • benpinto_1Hi, it is me Ben P.
  • adam.8@mr_gavilan thats authentic, jerseys werent adidas back then and this is a old jersey.. its ewing, not melo
  • mr_gavilan@jumpedintoflight8 thanks for pointing out the obvious about it not being Melo and it being Ewing. ... You can't tell if its authentic based on the picture.. It could be the replica champion jersey...
  • adam.8Thats not what i meant...u said got him a chapion jersey... champion is the authentic
  • mr_gavilanNo its not.. There's a replica champion jersey you could have bought from Modell's, Footlocker, Champs etc back in the day for $30 to $80... Thats not authentic prices. @jumpedintoflight8 A 13 year old telling me about history lmfao 😂😂😂😂
  • adam.8Dont act all big shit cuz ur older, when u said that u meantmits fake and it made u look stupid, and i for one have my brothers jordan champion jersey and ik its what they used to wear!
  • aancona218Can I please have a shout out @teamvic please and thank you! 😕
  • moet183Love the Giants to death n the Yankees but can't stand the knicks let's go celtics
  • itsdamianjThat's wats up yo,Calente
  • __car__@waynez_world8 that picture is not Cruz... trust me...
  • simplycute215Blue n Orange Blue n Orange!! Colors!!!👍
  • tj_biondolilloI remember I saw you at a knicks game. We were below the stands about to go on for the halftime show and you came by and gave everyone high fives. From that moment on you have become my favorite football player. I hope I get to see you again but this time on the field not just off!
  • prince_jelly_famhay thats my silky city wolverines 2014 jersy number 33 from paterson
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