My first time eating chickweeds. With salmon. Excited to try.
  • cannellevanilleMy first time eating chickweeds. With salmon. Excited to try.

  • alessandra.photosoffice e fresco .
  • misssilenthWhat are chickweeds?
  • kaovaI love it!!!!!! So expensive here though :( and really and ridiculously cheap back in my home town!!
  • xtinagramTastes like raw corn right? We forage for them at the restaurant I work at so it's free!!! @kaova
  • wadahlChickweeds are they sprouts from chickpeas? @xtinagram @cannellevanille @kaova ?
  • neylanoI have never had chickweeds, but I’m trying fiddlehead ferns for the first time. Do you have recs on how to cook those?
  • cannellevanilleThey tasted a bit like watercress but grassier. Nothing like corn, at least not these.
  • cannellevanille@neylano first cook them in salted water for about 5 min until slightly tender. Drain and shock them in ice water. Then you can sauté them with garlic and olive oil and maybe chilis. You can prepare them sort of like asparagus.
  • myrosevalleySounds yum and this is so healthy for you too. I am inspired to start a sprout garden. Just for the sales of good health and fabulous flavour in the cooking.
  • neylanoThank you! Prepared like you suggested and they were delicious!
  • ez68Interesting, this is the first time I see chickweeds. i wonder if I can plant them now in my garden. Thanks!
  • i.see.u.seeThey are everywhere here in Seattle! I swear its the main ground cover. Amazing how chickweed pops its seeds. Like a little explosion!
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