Lunch. Drew myself a temp tattoo of a witch's umbrella, now dreaming of Outback Steakhouse night two #onlocation
  • lenadunhamLunch. Drew myself a temp tattoo of a witch's umbrella, now dreaming of Outback Steakhouse night two #onlocation

  • strandpowerThis pic should have a mirror behind you that shows your arm holding up the phone. "Just sleepin' and my silly bf is takin' photos of me lol"
  • glad_lifeThinking abount a new Girls scenario? #hope #so
  • xheatherlandx@lenadunham here in the UK, we LOVE YOU!! Please, please, visit us on The Fox Problem, @thefoxproblem with the 3 hottest girls around @gemagain @georgia_la @georgieokell
  • vee0405Luv ur show!!! Luv UUU!!!
  • katerina__0913Cool tat! You should get it permanently. I like it a lot. 😎😎😎
  • odinredd@lenadunham I'm sure you get a lot of weird messages so here is one more! I want to read your tarot!! Over Skype maybe?! I just want to be able to say I read a star's fortune!
  • anthonythebarber916@bree_lee
  • mrinfinityroseAt the bottom of 145 comments I have to say you should come visit me & I just watched Press Pause Play, you are are you you u.
  • alexa.kinneyI am extremely disappointed how a. You're new season 2 is already over and how b. The show is only 30 minutes long instead of an hour! Step it up Lena! Who's looking out for you?! ;) oh and my furry friend in agrees! @lenadunham
  • cobvainYou are such an inspiritation!! and your four characters who does simply have an empty box of fucks to give. :) @lenadunham
  • cobvain*inspiration
  • drearenteria@lenadunham you are so kickass!!! I am in love with your show and your talent! Thanks for GIRLS, it's fantastic!
  • ersilia_90Oh lena, i wanna make babies with you! I know that i'm a girl too, but we can find a way together *_*
  • meganveronicahenry#bloominonion
  • misfittoylanderI draw temp tats of witch wands on my finger!
  • beejauriqueSo, I can't believe I'm saying this but today I got totally dissed for my senior prom. I was told that my date couldn't go because of family issues, and come to find out he was taking someone else. Probably one of the worst days of my life. I came home balling my eyes out and decided to watch #girls and just your brilliant, unique way of acting made me feel so much better. You are amazing. XOXO
  • taylorknightonGirls season 3!! When? Lol
  • dishasethiI am totally getting this tattoo!
  • mmicahhhh9886 ducking lykes girlfriend... What has the world come to. But ok...
  • junylou@callygator16
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