Studded cardigan @ lace pattern sweater ❤ #snookicouture
  • snookiStudded cardigan @ lace pattern sweater ❤ #snookicouture

  • k_reign0@_wangstaaa (:
  • k_reign0@_wangstaaa (:
  • so_official_shaynaluv the sweater
  • avilakatt@itsjackieooh That's all yoooouuuuuu ❤x)
  • itsjackieooh@katt_avila pshh gurr that don't even look like me lol
  • avilakatt@itsjackieooh lol she definantly does ☺😁💜Instantly reminded me of you! Lol
  • itsjackieooh@katt_avila lol no just cause we're both short <3
  • paradis21@ray0nd @_wangstaaa you're both haggard skanks. End if story. I win. You lose. Fuck off. :)
  • k_reign0@justin_paradis here you go passing judgement @_wangstaaa and I are probably no where close to skanks and I don't even know her.. Your a damn fool and honestly didn't know there was a winner but if it makes you feel better about your miserable life to say you won then have out I'm out toodles...👊👊👊
  • paradis21@ray0nd ill decide. Skank.
  • k_reign0@justin_paradis okay dumb ass if you say so and I'm pretty sure I'm not didn't anyone ever tell you it's not nice to compare people to your mom..
  • paradis21@ray0nd mom jokes? Hah. I just finished telling you that I decide, everything so delete your ig please, peasant.
  • k_reign0@justin_paradis Ha peasant what kind of phone do you have??👊👊👊👊 bet you can't see these... And Hun why don't you decide to get a life cause I'm done wasting mine on you... K nuff said😆
  • paradis21@ray0nd i see them. Don't worry. You're the one typing big long paragraphs stating what? That you don't have a life? Why don't you go play hide and go fuck yourself until you realize. I win. Sorry ugly person :( you'll get it someday✌
  • k_reign0@justin_paradis k get a life bye quit tagging me in shit before I block your ass..
  • paradis21@ray0nd there you go again. Keep writing shit. It doesn't phase me. You're haggard and stink like shit, I know for a fact. Block me. Please do, nobody. 😂
  • paradis21@ray0nd heifer.
  • avilakatt@itsjackieooh nooo and have big boobs and are in to makeup and dressing cute c: and fucking idk little bubbly personality :3 lol
  • india_darcy_Looking good snooki
  • moonlight.lailaHas anyone noticed that she does the same faces in almost every picture? I still love u though
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