@chefkaykay Knife and a smile...fajita night.
  • champagnepapi@chefkaykay Knife and a smile...fajita night.

  • littlelizakasweetnessEsmebetha is My fake name 51/50
  • ahunnaa@_krissyyyy damn you ain't a housewife nomo
  • ang.putaShe's a great chef doe 👌
  • ressesworldIm boutta stop im feeling like a creep. Boutta listen to paris mortin and go to sleep.
  • kiki_korruptionhahaha thats whats up:)
  • kiki_korruptiontht fridge thoo<3 lolll
  • freshpoppaBeautiful
  • nada_s_gI am a personal chef would love to cook you a dinner. Seriously though. @freciouscatering 🍴✌
  • 1989pytI cook for u I cook great. Ill show you.
  • kristennn.nAww you took a picture if you chef.😻
  • liasluxurylistingsMy girl!
  • buttermilkpieI want that refrigerator
  • kirahsweet37U pretty
  • saig1010Havin a cook is not hot! You can do everything else... learn to cook! Being that good, and able to cook..... dont get much better than that!
  • chefjasminreneeY'all need #cookingcouture
  • samara_araWhen you are able to afford a personal chef...why cook ur self!!!! SMH at above comment lol
  • rinadelreyySo what if you have millions of followers! I know you see me 👀😒 @champagnepapi
  • magicktranceDreams
  • janelyriveraabefore I die I want nothing else but to cook you some dinner or breakfast or anything. Thats my talent and what I love to do. Im not good at singing or rapping just cooking. One of my dreams is too cook for you I honestly cant except no for an answer people tell me it wont ever happen but ill never agree. If I can some how find a way to cook for you I'll try everything. Im not trying to become some famous chef its just because honestly When I cook I listen to you all the time you inspire the fuck out of my dishes and me as a person. And I just want to thank you in person for being great and for helping me get through tough times there are millions of people that probably ask you or tell you so many things but I honestly have this vision that I know wont go away until I accomplish it if you read this please don't ignore me 😩 Idk if you'll ever see this but Its worth the try.
  • nykelovebug@instabaddiesdaily2015 I thought it was her lol
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