Going through my first designs ❤❤❤❤#inlove #snookicouture
  • snookiGoing through my first designs ❤❤❤❤#inlove #snookicouture

  • kirsten_kraus@arrowsmith1992 dilligaf? I'm not fucking 9 years old ..
  • arrowsmith1992@kirstendorothyxo obviously you do because you keep replying n picking on a girl prettyer than you ...........< wtf is with the dots and "dilligaf" must be pre school text............
  • kirsten_krausYea no. She's so fucking ugly. So are you. Dilligaf is a biker tearm?
  • kirsten_krausYou to go be lesbian together. Bye.
  • paprikaqueen@breathemassive people get big breaks in the fashion industry by pure luck and THEN talent. Her fame, of course, has everything to do with her clothing line. But, that doesn't make her any less of a hard worker than the rest of fashion designers. She's straightened out and doing very well from the Snooki we knew over a year ago. Also, people who go to college for this kind of thing don't always have the natural gift that some people who just come out of nowhere. Like I said, it's luck.
  • breathemassive@mle9614 I understand what your saying! But I still don't see her as a designer sorry I wish her the best though lol
  • paprikaqueen@breathemassive yeah, I wouldn't wear her stuff. It's just Jersey tho... I don't get it.
  • sanhingomTodos,seguro que si ya los tienes en las manos
  • sanhingomEs porq te quedan bien... y promcionas y guita a tu bolsillo por mostrR
  • deliciousness7U have stinky breath
  • broadwaylibbyYikes. I get that you're famous, but you really have no business in fashion design. Super annoying.
  • broadwaylibby@mle9614 I don't think you grasp what (studied) fashion designers go through. It's an intense program. And reality "stars" getting their own line for being a personality is insulting. I doubt snooki actually designs this shit anyway.
  • miranddddaaaaWhy should you care?! She can do whatever the hell she wants!!👌 Who are you to tell her what to do?! Like she's really gonna listen?! Lmao😂 @broadwaylibby
  • broadwaylibby@miranndda___ I care because my sister is a designer & I know how hard she's worked for it.
  • paprikaqueen@broadwaylibby I actually know exactly what a designer goes through because my mom and my good friend are designers. I'm not talking out of my ass, and I wouldn't just talk about something I wasn't well informed about. Snooki obviously has some form of talent in the business. Don't get your panties in a bunch just because your sister has worked hard to be a designer. It IS a business of pure luck, whether you like it or not, and it's not something to pick fights with other people. Her life is going to keep moving on despite people like you trying to pick at everything she does because you feel "it's unfair" or whatever point you're trying to make. @hyky_ is completely right. If you became famous, even for something as dumb as Snooki did, you would seize the opportunity as well. Stop being immature and picking fights with people online. And I do believe your sister can fight her own battles.
  • broadwaylibbyWho's picking fights? @mle9614 I stated an opinion that didn't sit well with you. Whatever. No bunches in my panties here. I think snooki is hilarious, but talented...sorry I don't agree with you there.
  • jr_n_clo_mommyDamn y'all and these long ass fucking comments. Lmmfao
  • broadwaylibby@hyky_ punctuation works wonders to get your point across...just saying :-)
  • paprikaqueen@ceevega if you actually read my comments you'd see I was saying basically the same thing. I'm not criticizing Snooki.
  • bbreanshopping lol
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