My Jelly co-founder's keyboard. Hi tech.
  • bizstoneMy Jelly co-founder's keyboard. Hi tech.

  • miehronThat just looks like it would be awkward to get used to.
  • osirisperezxxx@bizstone Twistlycious;)
  • lukesankey1Madness!
  • a__smithSweet would love to try that!
  • mrtoadscAwesome keyboard. Been using kinesis for 10 years slinging code like a bastard and never had any hand/wrist problems. I don't get the Kleenex thing
  • rabdulsalGood luck with Jelly, Medium and Branch
  • diegojoloDoes OCD mean anything to you?... 😷 😱
  • moamaWhat's this????
  • mikelangfordGermaphobe?
  • willcurryMother earth called and it wants it's wasted petroleum derived plastic back. Wow. :)
  • scottbeamerWhy did he put it in the oven?
  • veg4life🎳📟📠retro📱💻💾 love it.
  • ned_4_parDefinately something id love on my desk. Awesom
  • derekebLooking forward to learning more about Jelly! I'm secretly hoping its a platform that will allow you to blog about tea again. (Yep. Been reading your blog for a loooooong time!)
  • misswilloughbyIs the paper for sweaty palms?
  • libazzi@psykmon Holy shit!
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