My daughter, Meg & I after #DWTS @DancingABC
  • andydickMy daughter, Meg & I after #DWTS @DancingABC

  • analucia111that was so sweet doing that dance for your daughter
  • hoodoogirlYay Andy!
  • lizzymw1Your dance was truly who you are! Your daughter is beautiful:-)
  • adin_collverSo glad you made it! Your dance made me vote for the first time this season. So beautiful and a total tear-jerker.
  • babeangel693Ur daughter I beautiful. U did awesome dance for ur daughter. Loved it.
  • kaityrbUr dance made me cry it was so beautiful
  • shhelbyyloveSweetest dance yet and u have totally turned into. Dancer!!!
  • ashton_fields0@jackiedance11 is right if u don't want to say anything nice dont say anything @tofastforyou17
  • kriscorinneYour dance made me cry for sure and it takes a lot for me to cry... You're an inspiration for many. Stay on the right track... You have a lot of people supporting you and showing you the love. @andydick
  • lilyalcazar_Not only did it make @carrieanninaba but it also did me. I was moved and touched my this dance, and now Hallelujah.
  • artistic_fashionistaShe's so pretty!!
  • elenaspinksShe's so pretty!!!!
  • rosanne_leclair_frongilloWhat a beautiful pic
  • achollern@andydick this is a great picture I cried just like Carrie Anne did when you danced for your daughter. You're the most real person on the show. So glad you haven't gone home yet. There's something so endearing about watching you dance. You make me smile! Keep doing what you're doing :)
  • firecutecatsI watch dancing with the stars all the time.i m a big fan of u.
  • firecutecatsYour daughter is really pretty
  • firecutecatsI like the dance when u dressed up like zorro
  • montanababydollI have completely fallen for you on this show. Xoxo
  • tamzywamzyI have truly enjoyed watching you on dwts !!! I've been swamped with grad school work and just had a moment to watch a bunch of dwts episodes I recorded - the dance you dedicated to your daughter brought me to tears. So pure and beautiful !!! Stay strong! I know life throws many difficult curveballs but you can make it through anything !!
  • danielasabandoSooo cute! ♥
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