This is unacceptable!!!! ... GHANGE is today's CHALLENGE!!! #maverickmonday
  • juneambroseThis is unacceptable!!!! ... GHANGE is today's CHALLENGE!!! #maverickmonday

  • dleah72@mskarisha Exactly!!!!
  • dleah72@mimi_crawford Right!! People need to wake up and stop giving their rights away!
  • teezsolo_viewonlyWell said @pretty_msjay... pretty much.
  • lorenejanaeSandy hook was a conspiracy
  • miss_camieGuns don't kill people, then what do?!?!? The saying goes, you live by the gun, you die by the gun. Hence, if you don't own a gun, there wouldn't be all these murders by guns.
  • chill_milWe are killing our selves as a nation and world in general.
  • styledbychrista@juneambrose my uncle was killed Friday night by a bullet aimed at another person while he pumped gas in his car! An innocent bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time. Regardless if the gun was purchased legally or not, he is gone! Something needs to be done about random violence in our country!!
  • jamaican_sassHow many of those deaths are with registered guns, what happens to the licensed gun owners whose guns are taken away but they can't protect themselves from those who still have them illegally..
  • little01ncThis is INSANE! Stop all the GREED$$ Protect our children!!
  • queenofkittyIf they take out gun I bet money the government is going to start slaughtering us. Holocaust 2
  • voodoodonutAGREED @jamaicanredbone
  • pretty_msjayOur government has been fighting "the war on drugs" for decades & look how successful that has been......
  • wearepmgPeople control.
  • antonio0111Dont let Sandy Hook trick u into giving up ur ur homewrk
  • tinera613@juneambrose ...Please check out An awesome effort created to stop senseless acts of gun violence!
  • allgrinchedoutSad and sick of it
  • ya_girl_beeThey're not going to enact #GunControlLaws because the NRA has more than enough clout to fight any bill aimed at preventing people from buying certain guns. This has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. This is about money and power! There's a reason why poverty stricken environments have such a high rate of gun violence. How is it that Africa has the most valuable natural resources, yet a lot of its people don't have food or water. Yet they have guns? As long as you can keep people fighting amongst one another they're going to remain where they are never rising above their circumstance. Failing to realize they should be uniting and coming together and fighting against are the powers that be. It's a conspiracy! United We Stand Divided We Fall.
  • dahomiekUnacceptable. Really. Especially Republicans. Not surprised obstructions are continuing but Dems need to find ways around them & get the legislation we need passed.
  • carlacoutureJust sad!!
  • nineowa#nogunsallowed
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