Courtesy of Art Spiegelman
  • rainnwilsonCourtesy of Art Spiegelman

  • lauraamy1493Spiegelman .... Respect!
  • junis_dadI Love Art Spiegelman!
  • deeegraffIf Dwight knew you were pro-gun control, he would bow staff your ass.
  • deeegraffBo
  • chinchilla911Dwight is pro-2A do you not remember when he shot a revolver in the building?
  • novarellaWhat, I was just at that exhibit, don't tell me I was that close to meeting fuckin' Dwight.
  • isaabelllaaI just think of Halo when I see this with the red & blue lol
  • caitlin._.oconnellRED ❤
  • s_a_d= 💜?
  • prettyboyswaqRed mutha fuckass
  • lyssapeteHave you heard the wind ensemble piece recently composed to represent his work and this exact piece?
  • lyssapeteIt's called "In the Shadow of No Towers" composed by Mohammad Fairouz. Pretty amazing.
  • seasonedskepticOdd, the blue are thinking of violence and the red are just thinking stereotypes. The hypocrisy of political lines.
  • serj.dWhat do the red-striped prisoners represent?
  • sashaf23@hsl1 I believe it's meant to symbolize the blue people being the red people's prisoners. Basically the blues are imagining the reds dead/knocked out and the reds want to imprison/oppress the blues. Not a terribly original take on everything but a pretty accurate one in my opinion, presented in a creative way. Kids, don't be extremists. (Or I might be completely off, who knows)
  • palomaeghrari💤💤💤
  • serj.d@sashaf23 thanks
  • meg0.oStars & stripes redefined I likey
  • pham__@deeegraff hahahaha right
  • ethanjorgensen@jakeh2os I found my socks in a picture
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