After 3 months on the road with most these people, I can sill honestly say I have the best people touring with me. Love you guys and miss you. @imgavi @thekidd1986 @aeskaran @thevibrantsound @klepticenter @whitneymarne @sirenoftitan @scott_hayden @erichjackson @horridlittleboy
  • lindseystirlingAfter 3 months on the road with most these people, I can sill honestly say I have the best people touring with me. Love you guys and miss you. @imgavi @thekidd1986 @aeskaran @thevibrantsound @klepticenter @whitneymarne @sirenoftitan @scott_hayden @erichjackson @horridlittleboy

  • reednthingzCongrats on finishing the tour... What will I guys do now?
  • michael_lascalaFantastic looking group! Great job on 2million subs, 100K albums sold, and finishing your! Feel better @lindseystirling !!
  • michael_lascalaTour*
  • glenfalconerI wish you could come to Scotland in your tour next month😔 but good luck with it! I'm sure it will be amazing @lindseystirling
  • printzaniaJust love that energy
  • lorenzofedi72Hi great Lindsey!! :-) wrote this piece of Music inspired by you!! "ye-old-shore-of-thy-soul" .. I dream you could be checking my profile link and give it a listen!! You're great keep going like this!!
  • richclashchairAww, well at least you now have the Euro tour to look forward too! (: You guys will be back together in no time!
  • richclashchairPS-If you find yourself in the Provo area sometime this month and decide to do a small show at the Velour Im totally there! (:
  • waelxAmazing
  • rjcan2Hey trying to find the best way to contact you...I'm a magician trying to use your song Elements for a TV show but of course need your ok. Any help w/this would mean the world. -thanks so much and Keep the Magic alive!
  • haydendjbLindsey!!!😍😍😍 I went to your show I'm Tempe, AZ!!! We shared a quick eye to eye glance...that is and will always be the best moment of my life #iloveyou #lindseyrules
  • skadanton@richard_phist421 Story of our life 😬
  • We got some crazy mofoz out there.
  • rwbyksll@richard_phist421 O.o woah dude. Took me almost a full minute to get to the bottom of that. Seriously though, next time pick a better thing to talk about than video game plots -_-
  • debrexbeta@richard_phist421 stalking level: over 9000!! Dude. You really think dhe is going to marry a complete stranger?
  • king_of_nerdstyle421@skadanton @unrealx2013 @cameronnairn @debrexbeta Thank you for participating. Now for the icing on the cake. And Trolls we shall be, For thee my Lord for thee, The Internet hath descended forth from thy hand, That us trolls shall carry out thy command, So we shall flow a meme unto thee, And teeming with rage and confusion shall it ever be, In nomeni problem et umad, Internet sancti. And please remember, trollarch do work. #troll #whatnow #eraseevidence
  • rwbyksll@richard_phist421 I have no idea what you just said. I can guess the entire thing was a troll, and if so, damn you. Do not try to troll Lindsey or any of her fans. Or I will be forced to eat your face (sorry that's one of my only threats).
  • king_of_nerdstyle421@cameronnairn I won't go near Lindsey, rest assured. I have already done my deed with all of you people. I will leave you all alone and move along to other groups and people in due time. Just remember "A calm heart must always prevail" This only applies to you and the fans, so fare well. I have work to do.
  • rwbyksll@richard_phist421 K, I'm sure you're forgiven ;)
  • chibineesanOMG I love your thrift shop video! ❤❤❤😍😍😍
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