Do I have gum on my shoe?
  • mikedirntDo I have gum on my shoe?

  • 2tired2bbored@oh_greenday thx ^_^
  • claucatssHola @mike_dosxx eres muy genial heeeee :-)
  • ajsullenriotMy favorite part of going to a #greenday show is meeting people who are just like I was 4 years ago. I met a girl at a Green Day concert this year that was 15 years old going to her first Green Day show. I was 14 when I went to my first Green Day show. I listened to her try to explain what/how she was feeling... She kept pausing and I told her I understood because she reminded me of myself 4 years ago, words just cant come out to barely describe that moment of excitement. As the show got closer I saw a tear drop off her face and I'm like mhm she's as excited as I was! I think it is so cool to see that emotion in someone besides yourself. I kept thinking about how I felt at my first show, and I just remembered loads of butterflies, tears of excitement and terror dropping down my face the night before the show, the way to the show, in line, once I saw @treleparc 's drum set, Once @bj_unoxx sang the first word I'd ever heard him sing to me in person before.. The first strum on @mike_dosxx 's bass... It all became a reality. It wasn't a recording, it wasn't their faces on my wall, it wasn't on a screen... The people who saved my life and completed my soul were standing less than ten feet away from me. I felt like they were touchable, I felt the power of every song run through my veins... I felt every beat of my heart that night. Once in awhile I looked over at her in the middle of the show. She looked like she was out of her own mind, her soul and heart were in the present and her mind had no control, no way to bring her down. She was invincible and she was having the time of her life. I could see that that night was going to be the best night of her life. Perhaps on Green Days next tour when she sees them again... She'll think of the same things herself. But seeing her that happy, seeing that much spark in her eye made me feel like I was at my first show... And I never thought I'd get that feeling back, it is the best feeling in the world <3 #greenday #greenday2013 #irreplaceable #memories
  • carolinaresiU fly luv<3
  • blondiinnaMike you're the best fucking bassist ever! <3
  • rest_my_headThe man to call for an epic jump while holding an instrument👏👏👍😉
  • jessica_sammutWow big jump lol!!!!
  • mana_unoxxAhahahha xD who?
  • aidanierulloNice jump
  • awesomeasfuuckHaaajaa karate mike!!
  • coffks🎸🎸🎸
  • iwrestleddabearonce@mike_dosxx you kick ass! You're my bass hero<3
  • stephyfuentes22_I wish youd notice me :( @mike_dosxx
  • wifi.funHaha litttttle bittttt
  • yannikbngFlying mike! ♥ but please stay on earth, we need you down here ;) @mike_dosxx
  • minority103I would like to know if you've ever done karate in your life? And if yes which types of :) @mike_dosxx See you in 9 days by the way :)
  • mickieratFuck this is so cool
  • francescogrillea_Yeah :D
  • greendayschoolYep @mike_dosxx you got it in your shoe a little bit and who ate the gum
  • __kolesnikovaa__ninja
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