Congrats to @joelmadden on his #Logie!
  • jessicaalbaCongrats to @joelmadden on his #Logie!

  • bethkbell@dr_phyllings i know right? well, it started like that until @pinktinax started to spiral rumours about jessica alba having the hots for joel, and started taking it out on others. but yeah, i watched the logies last night and im really stoked for him! go joel!
  • nataliegiles1I'm pretty sure that Jessica is vacationing with Nicole Ritchie at the moment hence the Joel shot.
  • bethkbell@pinktinax well thats an offensive stereotype - what do you mean gain some social skills? im not the one sitting home alone on the weekend all by myself  hahaha
  • jenifriendi@betheebub it's Sunday here in Cali hunny.. And who said I'm alone? Just bcz I'm at home relaxing on a lazy Sunday doesn't mean I'm alone.. Stop making assumptions..
  • bethkbell@pinktinax ok you're comebacks are getting really boring and have nothing to do with your first claim 'ooh someone has a crush. news flash! he's married' seriously hunny, you do need a hobby. Bye little one, have a good week! ex oh ex oh 
  • jenifriendi@betheebub 4 pics in the matter of a few wks.. It does look as tho someone might have a little crush lol not like he's single.. Can u blame her? He's cute.. He's also MARRIED!
  • alex_mattersonYour both losers
  • jenifriendi@betheebub LOL Thought u were gonna be the bigger person and walk away?? lmaooo
  • yvrydIf it would had been @benjimadden she would had posted a pic congratulating him as well. @jessicaalba is a close friend of the madden twins not just Joel just she congratulated both for their birthday. And lets not forget she has a beautiful happy family. I'm very positive she wouldnt dare to lose that just to get @joelmadden attention on Instagram. So @pinktinax you can calm down and stop making blind assumption. Joel loves Nikky and his pretty family and Jessica loves her husband and her lovely family and everyone is extremely happy. Yay! Hooray since you love Nikky so much go congrats her on her beautiful fam. And stop write unnecessary comments on poor Jessica's pic. She was only doing something nice for her friend. Now children go home end of story.
  • brookeoehmsCongrats @joelmadden 😁👍!!
  • johannablood@kimslademusic doppelganger
  • toffee_popcornoh wow! noone would be "bullying" on this post if the first "bullying" comment/opinion wasnt shared... what a joke u are @pinktinax
  • toffee_popcornI dont care if she doesnt check her ig... I wouldn't if this was the kind of crap posted! she has far more important things to worry about in her life... for eg. her own family! what a complete waste of her day reading what stupidity idiots who think they know her, having a dig!
  • jenifriendi@toffee_popcorn oh shut ur trap loser nobody asked 4 ur opinion lol
  • toffee_popcornLOL! and im sure three famous ppl asked for your opinion! hahahahaha! brains much on that one love? @pinktinax
  • jenifriendi@toffee_popcorn actually I've had over 50 friend requests since this all started so clearly ppl are agreeing with my opinion
  • toffee_popcornorrrr they want to see if u actually do look like nicole like u claim to bahaha
  • i_lacasawiyaOw <3
  • brissiebarbWe love having him in oz! :)
  • lcjidhodjosrynhlj@pinktinax who cares if she has a crush or not.. Why u care so much to emphasise the matter? Like seriously why does it bother u so much?? Sad
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