Our #nordstromsavvy buyer Sarah's SoCal look for LA market. #ootd
  • nordstromOur #nordstromsavvy buyer Sarah's SoCal look for LA market. #ootd

  • mlk__86Love the outfit
  • livingnotesCute look, but I can guarantee - AWFUL quality. As a devoted Nordstrom / former savvy customer, I am EXTREMELY disappointed at cheap, low quality items Savvy now carries. BP is 2 steps up , and that is saying something ...
  • darcilyn_victoria@livingnotes but all of the old Saavy can still be found in other dept's like TBD and Individualist! So there's that :-)
  • maddycakesmaddycakes#needs
  • gibbyjenI completely agree @livingnotes !
  • mrsamynicoleDarn! Wanted the shirt it's sold out now. @nordstrom will it be restocked?
  • bettycurls@nordstrom can you tell me about the bustier/bra? I love it!
  • kristenmorrisettI want it alllllll!
  • nordstromHi, @mrsamynicole, we currently don’t have a back-order for the super-cute top. Any changes to inventory will be reflected online. For a similar look, check out item 681395 via Nordstrom.com. - Sam
  • nordstromYou got it, @bettycurls! The Leith bralette is perfect for Spring/Summer. With a nylon/spandex blend, the bralette is a sleek addition to any lace or sheer top. With its supportive racer-back, you can’t wrong this season for comfort and style. Check out item number 627104 via Nordstrom.com. - Sam
  • melybabe2sI love the top!!
  • jennifertsetingtingWhere r the shoes from? Super cute
  • nordstromHi, @jennt_tse. The fab booties are by Zadig & Voltaire. Check them out via Nordstrom.com with item number 640025. – Sam
  • 20thcenturyf0xOmg those shoes!!!!!
  • faithfamilyfashionfitnessNice...
  • nordstromHi, @victoriamilly3. Thanks so much for your feedback. We'll be sure to share your interest with our teams. If it is of any help, the cute tank is currently available on our website in a size Small. You can copy and paste the following link to view it online: http://bit.ly/XwruNv. Thanks again. -JeLisa
  • nordstromHi, @lilyblu001 and @livingnotes. Thank you for your feedback, ladies. We're so sorry to have disappointed you both with our new Savvy department. We'll be sure to share your thoughts and concerns with our teams. Thanks again. -JeLisa
  • nordstromrooseveltfieldLove this look! 😍
  • peyton.kaoriCute
  • miim.10@sarahkyan @hanann1412
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