Welcome back, Julian Edelman!
  • patriotsWelcome back, Julian Edelman!

  • cabralfamilyx4@hairdressah download the Patriots App and watch the video of Robert Kraft discussing the whole Welker deal! He WAS willing to work with him and EVERYONE wanted him to remain with the Patriots! Welker chose to leave as a free agent! PERIOD
  • x_thebigdipper_xINCREDELMAN
  • mr_juanderful72@cabralfamilyx4...you know, I get really irked by that as well. And they call themselves fans...smh. I was also upset about his departure but guess what...we won. 3 trophies without him & we'll win the next one without him too. As long as. Wwe have Edelman to back up Amendola in the slot, we're good. Donald Jones on one corner and Emmanuel Sanders on the other. (We'll know by today), all we need is a deep threat, & we'll get him in the Drafts...but anyway, it's like I tell the crybabies, stop whining and move on or become a Denver fan...lol...
  • marianainurretaHe looks so girly haha
  • mr_juanderful72@live_laugh_fraz007...it would've been nice to have Sanders on board but even if we had him, we still need a deep threat. It might be wishful thinking, but I really do hope we pick up Corradelle Patterson in the drafts. As for Welker, what's done is done. He made his choice. Now he has to face Adrian Wilson on our side...lol...if you think about it, we still have Welker...his name is Edelman..
  • mr_juanderful72I might be difficult to aquire either one now that every team & their mommas know we need receivers so the teams before us will leave the well dry for us...lol...re-signing Talib & signing Wilson was the best defensive move for us. I think it's time to pull Jake Bequettte (hope I spelled it right) to start & also Nate Ebner out of the secondary to start catching passes fromTommy. Remember Ebner played rugby in Ohio state...he's a threat in his own right...
  • slipkenneth2We Want Woodhead back!;(
  • brian.6Yeah!!!
  • willie_d6I want welker back
  • cookiewitdahoodie@prettiboibekish
  • ryan_cain97PATRIOTS ARE AWESOME STEELERS SUCK LOL @jacob_kilbarger
  • mwebber2Moss sucks
  • famous_bface
  • arnav.ashoksame @baseball_dart6
  • oscar.battNice pic
  • holden.hilfiger@d_grayes that's how you put up 6
  • wizthelaxerEr day
  • jennacrowell.11@hannah_masterson
  • owens34Yay he's back
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