Lassie coming home on Delta back in 1958. #ThrowbackThursday #tbt
  • deltaLassie coming home on Delta back in 1958. #ThrowbackThursday #tbt

  • njcorona@deltaron cute!
  • andrewgalkaLove!!
  • jauntedExcellent #throwbackthursday!
  • lyricaluniqsoulTo Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing in regards to the new Delta Airlines commercial that has recently been aired. I am shocked and appalled at the distorted history lesson that was given. I could not believe my ears when I heard the lineup of aviators that were 'important' in US history. There was no mention of aviator Bessie Coleman. Ms. Coleman, an African American woman, was the FIRST AMERICAN to even receive an international pilot license. That is regardless of gender or sex. I am very disappointed in Delta Airlines for not giving total credit where credit is due. I WILL NOT fly Delta Airlines until this is pulled or revamped and an apology is given. I would hope that everyone will stand behind me on this issue so that we can all come together and bring further attention to this issue. African Americans have worked too hard and fought too long to not get the recognition that is deserved.

    Thank you.

    Sydney Abbott
    Spelman College C/O '11
  • noboruson@lyricaluniqsoul stop being so sensitive. You think there are not many other ground breaking aviators who weren't mentioned? Get over it. I will fly Delta twice as much just because you said you wouldn't. I'm appalled at what appalls you.
  • alaskadearrIs @deltaairlinepromo real?
  • msquiroz1People need to stop being so sensitive many people of all races are not always recognized for accomplishments bigger things in this world occurring that need worrying about!
  • tokeezi@jrindini its the departure airport staff that fucks everything up
  • tokeeziIdiot.
  • kprofessor_Love it
  • fishinchips801@javi.perez they were going to take a picture with old yeller, but delta let a dog with rabies on a flight with only children. It didn't turn out well. So they stuck with lassie instead
  • iwonder__woman#boycottdelta #racistdelta
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