Check out the process from injuries, to therapy, to getting back to what I love the most at @XGames #XGames #XGProSeries
  • shecksCheck out the process from injuries, to therapy, to getting back to what I love the most at @XGames #XGames #XGProSeries

  • taybaybay1707Glad too see you still get at your dreams, never let up Ry. You been doing your thing since you could walk, need a say its what your born to stick to, a skateboard. 😃 @shecks
  • darianroberts1What happend to your old tv show? That was dope. You should bring it back for a season!
  • darianroberts1@shecks
  • karenvanessa16Mi amorrrrr 😍😘 @shecks
  • landriault17Ive seen it, the part were you were getting your needle in the foot i almost passed out -.- dont know how you did it :) @shecks
  • spencerwishneffHey Shecks I'm a huge fan . From my perspective you are the best . Yes or no
  • mariradcliffeyou're hot.
  • kittyy_sunshineSexxxxxyy
  • alyjaxn@shecks Get better dude <3
  • selflovingbritHope you get better
  • biancamit💜
  • reezysk8Broo
  • vinceromainnRyan your the best skater of all time your my ldol
  • kimberleykuss♡♡
  • jasminsanvI'll take care of you when you're injured.
  • ____celly____Ryan I admire the way you are with your family! You're all so close! I watch videos of you skating all the time! You are by far the best! No one comes close to being as good as you!! I know you probably get this all the time but... Do you think you could give me a shoutout? I'm trying to get 1k, please!? It would be so awesome if you did! But if not I understand...
  • haanaax@melprevs remember Ryan sheck?? Sec 1? 😜
  • loveaylch<3
  • lovelyysarahhYou're so hot !
  • alex_medina4What up man names Alex Medina, college kid livin' in Oklahoma just tryin' to make something of myself. I had my Oakleys lifted at a pool party not too long back and was wondering if you could hook your boy up with a pair? Haha I know you have some old ones you don't wear anymore! Probably anyway.
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