Don't normally play #tbt but man I miss me mate sharky!
'10 Vegas SX @apdesignsusa hooked it up for me
  • crtwotwoDon't normally play #tbt but man I miss me mate sharky!
    '10 Vegas SX @apdesignsusa hooked it up for me

  • harvin347#respect
  • liamdonohue414Ap designs @bradshaw358
  • tobbefribeergPromise he like that one!
  • usagirl911Ugh,so sad!! 😔Can't even imagine how much you miss him. 💔 Great tribute helmet! 2⃣2⃣
  • ozzydaveoDITTO THAT 4 SURE!! @crtwotwo
  • chelshodg4What happened to this person?
  • mrstwotwoI miss Andy Bunghole @crtwotwo @mxsharky ❤❤❤❤
  • mrsreddogThey say the family u get to choose are called friends. Love 😍
  • ardi022Sharky will always be dearly missed,not only on the world stage with you Chad,but right here in Brissie where he grew up.He'd still be carving us up around Tivoli and Coolum with Ron by his side and Cameron chasing him :( @crtwotwo @mxsharky
  • ben.mcdonald1It's a cruel sport @crtwotwo
  • p_andrews22Awesome
  • mxnationalsYes it's a tough sport I think of sharky all the time
  • tipsyrustyTrue gentleman of the sport . I still remember him watering the track a helping the little ones so down to earth for a star of the sport
  • nickrr156@crtwotwo how and where do you get that done
  • bigdog1978Win it for sharkie bro
  • sd__234R I P sharky
  • legslegs71He rides with you all the time Chad,looking from above we all know that you have one more title to win that's the AMA Motocross before you hang the boots up Sharky would of loved it
  • robertcoleman5Used to be my neighbor out in california lived in menifee in hidden meadows miss him wish he never left to go to Australia andni loved when u and burne would go to his house and I went and got his helmet ur jursey and burns pant @crtwotwo miss him
  • micah_davis118You should get another tribute maybe for him on a V4
  • jack.wilson90I no sharky how do you and r.i.p
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