In a #HappyPeople mood! #Kellztbt #tbt
  • rkellyIn a #HappyPeople mood! #Kellztbt #tbt

  • newfaceofsoulThis is the one I was on #MauriceMahon#3Waycall!!
  • miafrancinepalmerI have all your pieces . love you baby.
  • miafrancinepalmerYou are sooooo loveble, I cant help it, it's true " Big Daddy Kells''
  • beautifulshe_reeseMy ish
  • respiroscarpaBring that real stuff back!!€
  • tc_sextra_inc@rkelly this along with the others in my player in the car!! Just took this out and out blackpanties In; chocolate factory stays In!!!
  • glitzyglamourqueen12u saved me a touching song I love it Keep on doing what you do
  • mrs_gray_Love this album my weather man
  • myangel2190Greetings bro @rkelly
  • shepinkLove you Kellz for life! Been rocking with you since my early days #happypeople #rkelly #rocks
  • chrissyc_3Religious love for you babe... every night I pray that Heaven will send you to me... baby your all I ever needed... Religious love for you babe every night I pray that someday I will have you for my wife baby you are my life please believe me... For only God knows how much I miss you and for us to be as one it takes two so don't you go dying on me not right now... Please change this impossible to some how... I'll be still until I hear from you and I'll be praying until you return this message... In the middle of the night
  • chrissyc_3Calling on you (every) every single FOREVER... I hope to see you... If you should ever need a friend baby I am here don't forget to remember me... Oh baby come to me don't leave me lonely I need you here with me so return this Message PLEASE... <3 @rkelly #religious love
  • candytsamandebelesaLove this track so much, I'm an South African musician that leaves with type 2 diabetes healthy and strong, I remember playing this jam you save me just after my Dr. Confirmed that I was diagnosed with diabetes and I called my mom and called my sister and my mom says just pray God will here your prayer and I did that, here I'm today I'm strong again all because of the message on that jam still make me feel so so strong, your are a powerful song writer your my mentor MY DEAR LORD KEEP BLESSING YOU MR ROBERT KELLY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN.
  • candytsamandebelesaYou save me
  • strelitm@bfarr22 Happy Friday dearest Brett. Get into a little RK today, will ya!
  • bfarr22@strelitm Boy oh boy could that guy sing - whatever happened to him?
  • strelitm@bfarr22 new album, 'Black Panties', came out Dec 10. Little bit of old K mixed with some new K, sort of a microcosm of the progression seen over the course of his career.
  • cavs_king@khalilbourji_xii
  • martinlouisthekingjr@electricsoulchild
  • max.muhammad.5very underrated album
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