I had an awesome time at #bookrevueLI #thehonestlife -thx 4 coming out!
  • jessicaalbaI had an awesome time at #bookrevueLI #thehonestlife -thx 4 coming out!

  • nikeswooshhhI freaken wish I was there!!!
  • milenaovernout@britostreet
  • augustomkt1412I can show you all my kids. Only if you have time
  • moyacardiCongrats. Que tenga mucha buena suerte! Muchas bendiciones
  • cullens913Do u still talk to original cindy???
  • scoobiezBuying for my friends baby shower! Well done, Lady!
  • lilli_spiteriGot the book it's amazing
  • muhsingyu中国人占领纽约了吗?
  • c_cccc_好多亞洲人的面孔<。WOW
  • fundi75I want the book ;(((((
  • charle_cheng好色的较多
  • aarinsmommyI need to get a copy!!!! After work!!! Yay
  • thejoeyparkerYay!!! 😄
  • wowasia99Congratulations 💗💙❤💜💚💛😊
  • jacq_castroI fell in love with the vertical herb garden you shared in your book, what company makes that?
  • orimorrisonCongrats!! @jessicaalba
  • lexisthename27Have you seen the video that book revue posted yet? I said awesome way too much and I really hope to meet you again. Mine was the first question you got asked also. Participated in your honest video as well! Me and that guy did. Haven't seen the honestly speaking video yet and I'm going to post the beautiful photos my boyfriend took of you. @jessicaalba I will make sure to tag you so you can see. I want to contact you somehow so we can talk about health and "living naturally and true to you" but I know that would be hard to do with fans, paparazzi, etc. My boyfriend was ready to yell when the paparazzi cornered you so many times, don't even give them a picture, just leave. I also wish I got to hear more about your company instead of book revue jumping right into Q&A I really like how Ellen set it up with you, those dresses are adorable!
  • lexisthename27@jessicaalba sorry for the huge comment. You'll be seeing my photos soon and I said something that I'm proud of saying when I was in your honest video. I said something from the heart that not a lot of people know and it felt really good that a lot of people will be seeing it.
  • thejoeyparker👏👏👏👏❗❤
  • envyyjaayWhere can I get this book ? I really want it but not sure where to find it . @jessicaalba
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