Focused! Make your mark in a environment full of the uncertain
  • kingjamesFocused! Make your mark in a environment full of the uncertain

  • marcbisarra_23Happy Birthday!!!🎉🎊🎈When I was 6 I believed in you from the beginning. When you were in Cleveland and you were only 18 years old I loved how you played the game!!! You would jump so high and shoot so good. Now time has passed and you grew more stronger, faster, and smarter. You are the reason I play basketball and always remember that you are the CHOSEN ONE!!! To:LeBron From:Marc (12 years old and lives in Whitby, Ontario, Canada) p.s I named my dog after you and we wish you a very HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🏀🏆❄️⛄️
  • marcbisarra_23@kingjames please read my message.🎅🎄🎁 Happy Holidays and a Happy Birthday!!!
  • kingz215No emotion from King...this week focus on the mindset of giving your team the mind you set you have ...everybody must score 30+ no exceptions
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzz#LeBron.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzz#King.
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzIts only Game 1.
  • mkatt13@samurai__jack__
  • allah_diyen_tornavidaFanatik : LeBron altısarayda
  • mkg337In need of the impossible trainwrecks
  • tonguefulofnnokieMERRY CHRIST DAY. NOWNOOKC35
  • tchingamba24
  • tchingamba23
  • tchingamba23Kj
  • morgan_danielson_13I love lions so much there the bomb
  • shabazzzzzzzzzzzzzzKing James.
  • gale_carboneLion
  • henreezy27😾🐯🐅👑♚🔥💯
  • hieudinh3503🦁 🦁
  • dcip7Please don't sit in Phoenix this year vs the suns , you will no longer be a lion if you pull that stunt
  • andrebollinsLebron this is you right, you're a real prorpio lion and I always take example from you when I play basketball. Maybe I'll never have the good fortune to know and I never answer anyway every night I dream of your play and your character as a warrior @kingjames
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