Waiting for smoke #Vatican #Pope
  • andersoncooperWaiting for smoke #Vatican #Pope

  • sandicolette@jmulazzi typically, when it is a woman, it is spelled Frances. Francis is the male spelling.
  • dannyfabbYikes! How do you block someone from Instagram??
  • bike_wrench@lizmoann I'll generalize all day long! They're either pedophiles or they're protecting pedophiles. I would never let my kid near an ordained Catholic priest!
  • araiya88@irock313 The Bible was written by men 200 years after Jesus died. The Holy Spirit had no influence what so ever in the book being written. I get my morals and live my life according to what my parents taught me and through life itself. I don't need some book to tell me how to live my life. I'm a proud Agnostic and when I have children I shall raise them the same way.
  • kschaef6Those of you knocking the Catholic Faith. 2billion people disagree with you :)
  • dannyfabbNot knocking the faith, I was raised Catholic but I have issue with a religion that excludes and judges people before cleaning up it's own confessional booths first. Faith has nothing to do with the Church. Discovering that uncovers the true meaning of spiritual freedom.
  • courtlmc@dannyfabb agree!
  • luckyborn@dannyfabb perfectly said!
  • marmallow84@dannyfabb agree!
  • ndexter63Hilarious⛪
  • friscogirl10@dannyfabb Couldn't agree more! I also left the Catholic church and feel more spiritual and faith-filled than ever! You do not have to be "religious" or take the bible literally in this day and age to be close to God.
  • nancyebrightJust get back home please!
  • theblakemoorayWaiting for smoke..lol
  • xoxobeach24@christinagirardi ah....but it is my religion and I can have an opinion.
  • johannes_hermanHi @andersoncooper, come join me on @InstaTalks so we can start chatting now!
  • pete415Oh Geeeez
  • jorgearev++
  • wdc6Isn't god supposed to choose? Im confused, since when are some fat old child molesters supposed to make this decision...
  • yefrisonrosario@wfm13 cause there is no god that's why
  • tommymckissockinteresting picture- centuries old traditions infuses with modern innovation. #instapope
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