I'm just giving the Cardinals a wee pep talk before I lock em in.
  • mcgregor_ewanI'm just giving the Cardinals a wee pep talk before I lock em in.

  • mpell19This was such an amazing movie and book
  • ckpixie@mcgregor_ewan Love, love you in Angels & Demons and everything you do! From a former catholic school girl's perspective, if you had been a priest at our school we may of had to say a lot of hail Mary's with all of our improper thoughts!! Thank you for those lovely thoughts!!! :) Colleen
  • nirvanessaYou are an amazing actor @mcgregor_ewan
  • riznovianThis movie was played on my channel tv last night!!!!
  • hairmdI was so sad you were the bad guy. LOL. My favorite ever will always be Moulin Rouge. You were robbed when the awards shows passed you over. Amazing.
  • kryezzi#illuminati 🔯
    🔥👼👹 #hahahah @mcgregor_ewan
  • monicacorleone_Hi camerlengo Patrik McKenna ;)
  • helomartsThe real camerlengo's name is Carlo Ventresca, amazing actor and bad but lovely priest :)
  • xx.clary.xxO yeah....Patrick!
  • xx.clary.xxCamerlengo Patrick McKenna!
  • samar_thrI saw this movie about 25 or 26 times ! Just because of you :)))
  • talia_c0hen_This movie was amazing!!!😃😃😃😃
  • patoplafExcelente película...
  • kaileighdilksI am glad you are still alive
  • sophiahollis@zoehollis FFS THIS IS TOO MUCH I CANT BREATHE
  • sb.nandaI love u ♥
  • karin77_photographyTHE FILM WHERE I DISCOVERED YOU for first time. Vous etes mon coup de foudre ciné de l'année 2009 @mcgregor_ewan
  • mi002Camerlengo Patrick Mckenna, I think that the Camerlengo isn't a bad Person because he is very strange and brave
  • mi002Person **
  • siraaphySegun dice el la pelicula Angeles y Demonios. En el principi en camarlengo Patrick McKenna es bueno (ayuda) pero en el final sale que es como un "illuminatti" (como un especie de ayudante) el camarlengo ayuda a los "illuminatti" pero para mi es un gran papel 😍😃😅😄😉
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