11. important (to read and understand) #fmsphotoaday #2013mar #runninggeek
  • mere200711. important (to read and understand) #fmsphotoaday #2013mar #runninggeek

  • clubtwentyI have a love-hate relationship with mine.....
  • mere2007@club20 can you share more about why?
  • clubtwentyI seem to inadvertently hit a button and can't get back to the right screen while I'm running & have to reset. This is very frustrating during long runs! Since you're taking the time to read and understand the manual, I'm sure this won't happen to you!
  • mere2007@club20 ah ok! Thanks for the tip. I am worried about hitting a wrong button since I need readers to see them. And I leave my glasses at home when I run 😀
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