To @doohikeydesigns Love me. (Part 2)
  • amrosenthalTo @doohikeydesigns Love me. (Part 2)

  • ellisonlaneHappy
  • doohikeydesigns@amrosenthal this makes me very happy!!! 😍😍😍😍
  • kidgiddyI LURV this!!! I really need to make another house quilt!!
  • amrosenthal@doohikeydesigns I'm so glad you like it!
  • amrosenthal@kidgiddy I need to make one too, now! This is for a bee block, and I have to give it away...😳
  • kidgiddyOh sad!! How many do you make for a bee block? And what is a bee block? Lol! I'm assuming its like a swap - but why not call it a swap? I'm confused. Lol! It's very cute! A lot of my stuff takes so long to make that it's hard to ship them off! My book on the other hand I hope will be flying out my door! Lol!
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