• tiniegramHa!

  • blackaustinI hear you wanna get married, but are you wifey type tho?
  • annbankyOuch! U Might need to stop chasing sexy and find someone sweet and smart #truewords
  • fraziesThe ones that don't look available are usually the type u shud be looking for. Independent and not out to catch no guys attention just out to enjoy themselves. Real, practical and fun. BASICALLY not a gold digger!!!!!
  • jaynuttsTo answer why guys go for the hotties..well...not everyone goes for looks...and Everyone has a different view about what sexy is...but in our society, men generally want to go for sexy and hot because that's the way men are biologically built. It's just to ensure their offspring has good genetics...that doesn't mean that they always go for someone "hot". Both men and women will always admire the opposite sex that's considered attractive..but when it comes to staying with a partner, they almost always choose a partner that's just as attractive as they are. There's some scale for that..lol but.yeah..
  • jaynuttsI.said too damn much.
  • anwarakbar98@allie_jaq @a7med_akbar a7mdo 3la klaamk kaan 9a7 3n "college girls" 6la3t faahim ib 2moor il7ayaat
  • dannywondersTrueeee
  • dexmanukHit The Nail On The Head Mate
  • priyagarchai think sometimes girls try to cover up whats inside to be pretty because of stereotypes like that but really sometimes these pretty girls end up being the clever intelligent girl we all think are unatractive xXx
  • baabaabingWhen women are stripped of makeup and they still look beaut that's the one u marry!
  • baabaabing@cassiejones__ totally true
  • sowusu👏
  • zarite_klkmnCause Muslim Girls are the best 😁
  • imluannamartinsOwned!
  • alemathiesPREACH
  • ditsyjLove this.
  • errybodysamodal🙏
  • picturemecarly🙌
  • carlalouisemitch88amazing...@tiniegram
  • bodyrocktv_lisamarieTrue
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