Dear everyone at sxsw right now: Shut. Up.
  • braikerDear everyone at sxsw right now: Shut. Up.

  • pantherfistsDang bro ...
  • braiker@pantherfists I'm not jealous in the slightest.
  • kenwheatonYeahhhhhh. That doesn't come close. (Though I agree on SXSW people needing to shut up).
  • braiker@kenwheaton it may not compare but it's the best BBQ I've had in Brooklyn by miles and miles.
  • kenwheatonI really liked it the first time. Really hated it the second. Everything was overcooked. Cocktails, however, were fantastic. I guess it's not a restaurant, but Brisketlab/Briskettown gets my vote for Brooklyn.
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