I'm quitting reality and joining the circus;.) @bravoandy pls note;.)
  • melissagorgaI'm quitting reality and joining the circus;.) @bravoandy pls note;.)

  • m__dubsOne of the most inhumane things in the world. The circus should be banned! Doesn't anyone realize they torture and starve these animals to get them to perform for all of your spoiled children..
  • dnatale1974Really calling someone fat is childish....some people put their dogs pic because they just want to. Has nothing to do with their weight.Grow up
  • shopmaxamaximCute! Don't leave the show! Want you to borrow a dress from us! Maxamaxim.com
  • lovelikeursAgree with @m_dubs_ do not support the circus. They torture those helpless animals!!!!
  • deannam519@melissagorga isnt it almost the same? LOL
  • jaimegp81068Sometimes isn't Rh?!?!
  • jaimegp81068Sometimes isn't RHONJ?!?! love u n joe:)
  • brittny1313I sell them their fuel!
  • marinavo_@melissagorga is it true that you and Teresa made up!?!? If so then I'm gonna go kraykray!!!!!
  • shannon_marie_707You are so beautiful
  • germanmommieAren't they one in the same?? At least your cast is!
  • intrigue_designsLooks like fun!
  • jlr1102I love u Melissa
  • _shawnee_sThat show is a damn circus wit ur sis n law @mellisagorga
  • sharieeeeyMelissa before you support something you should really do your research. Go on www.ringlingbeatsanimals.com.You should set a better example for your children! Animal abuse is not family entertainment. Lost a fan for sure!
  • winnieparnes@sharieyard 👏🙌🙏
  • vegan_yogi_2@sharieyard 👍
  • gleekingoutRingling brothers torture animals.
  • nickmanna@melissagorga I'm so happy you enjoyed Ringling brothers Barnum and Baileys circus! I work for Feld Entertainment and they are nothing but kind and nurturing to all animals! Thank you for your support! My husband and I love your music and show! xoxo
  • annie2545Wow
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