#bukowski everyone follow the real James Franco @jamesfrancotv
  • keeoone#bukowski everyone follow the real James Franco @jamesfrancotv

  • eeatkisonKeegan why do you have to be so ... Lovable? I mean I think it's the fame from PLL that has got you here, got you far and you are going to succeed because your Keegan 😍.... And Keegan doesn't give up! Your halarious and like I said your just plain out Keegan!! That's what I love about you, no matter what venue your at or what your doing you act like yourself and I think that takes all your fans by surprise. It nearly takes everyone by surprise and that's why me and your family, friends, fans, etc. Love you(: keep up the acting and your attitude up because your going somewhere in life and everyone adores you Keegan(: I also wanted to ask you a question and hopefully you read it and answer it for yourself and hopefully if Im lucky you will give me the answer. Do you see yourself being an actor forever or do you have other plans you wish to do? I think that's one of the main question people want to know<3 anyways We love you Keegan 💕😘😍👌
  • isacapatoMy two favorite boys <3
  • janellycriveraCan you please tell me if you're actually dead on PLL .? Thanks before I die
  • willowsaraaPERFECT. ❤❤❤🌸
  • amandasalmeidaParaíso!
  • lovaalnestenMy favorites👌
  • sophierehlaenderJames Franco is my family friend!
  • sjenjen_@michpls
  • busatochiaraNo ma @fede_po
  • fede_po@busatochiara ahahahaha
  • hopemalu@larissajotha
  • larissajothaHahahahahahaha @hopemalu
  • t_sweitzLove this
  • thepllmixYou & your camera❤
  • vickyrsnck@maryexwolf 😏😍
  • marye_wolfOMG
  • plllovers_feedHaha you're eyes look brun
  • ally_xuerebOh my lord. 😍😍 @isabellamckenzie_
  • jaylina24James Franco ♥
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