Just left the gym and stopped to grab a bite to eat w the boys. #lovebeingadad
  • dwyanewadeJust left the gym and stopped to grab a bite to eat w the boys. #lovebeingadad

  • melanieaspaasGreat pic!
  • katieelkinPhotocredsss @koffdrop13
  • bk054Nets are coming
  • bk054Ok
  • _moneymaneMy favorite player of all times. On and off the court one of the best. I'm glad to say that I watched you from Marquette all the way up and through all the ups and downs YOU REMAINED A CLASS ACT.... (Will catch one of your games soon) I'm from ny so you that's a tough ticket. WELL WORTH IT !!
  • andre__mortonThe heat cant lose! Wade Fan and Lebron james
  • ty.hudson55Can you send me a autograph
  • christhelegend101Nice pic wade
  • _yanoe@b3austria @jundoronio feast in your mind.
  • lebron_dwyaneYour son got that Norris cole 👌😏.... #feartheflattop 💂
  • miss_jalena_bieberThere so cute
  • benballard_5U r the most talented player in the nba
  • riley2smoothI know I probably will never get to meet u personally but u are my idol, role model, motivation with the way u carry yourself in life & I am a true fan for life....I would be happy if I ever got followed , shoutout or the smallest response from u but anyways u are the GREATEST MAN...congratulations on all your accomplishments!!!!
  • riaha_xo@dwyanewade It bother's me that I can't get in touch with my biggest person that inspires me I just to one hour I hope one day just to have a life changeing conversation!!
  • __ethanetiel__I played basketball with ur son
  • ethan_mcaleeseHay Dwayne just like to say your my inspiration man I am not good at basketball but I watch your every game and think this is a hero your a real role model and I just think your top player sorry for doing this :)
  • pryce.perdigao3You have such a great family!!! Also I'm such a huge fan!!! Your my favorite basketball player in the NBA!!!
  • osasu11Is this the one that reminds you of best lol? @reggiie05
  • yfndre_Hey dywayne wade
  • lisa_mercedesLove this
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