Here's what computer students are studying at Kim Chaek University in #Pyongyang #NKorea #nksocial
  • newsjeanHere's what computer students are studying at Kim Chaek University in #Pyongyang #NKorea #nksocial

  • kmddSo most of them could read chinese
  • yyjjqqI doubt if it's a donation of out-of-date books from Tsinghua University.
  • cathy_itzelwhy in Chinese?
  • kit00512Because China donate it to nkorea
  • alexwoo21111为毛都是中国的
  • watermelonvi他們真的看得懂?
  • qqcampbellalmost by Tsinghua?
  • ain_tchinese?
  • mrchieflionJust wait til they are disappointed by windows XP! Haha
  • jrbmsuWindows 2000 ouch
  • reesac5232Why chinese ?
  • fujitsu1522uuOne guy in a classroom said he was on the Intranet last night at home, the teacher being a women, and you could tell she was on another level from students, he'd been told to say it, when asked what it was she interrupted because he could not answer. He did not know, there 3G is for visitors and media only.
  • thotonNo activation needed for Windows 2000, but xp or later versions require it. That's why they use old Windows (I think)
  • bearrundrThey are Chinese book. None of them are Korean book. Strange!!!!!!!
  • yaxi1271@newsjean Why all the books are written in Chinese? Or those books are donated/bought from Tsinghua Univ.? I'm curious about it, could you find books written in Korean or English or any other languages other than Chinese in their library?
  • penthousepenthouse@dmxsvoice
  • senorbarrigasIt's like going back in time.
  • jarpizanaWindows 2000? You have got to be kidding me.
  • antonio9mHey were r the Mac Book Pros??? Jkjk
  • yan_yutaoMy gosh…all in Chinese?!清华大学出版社Tsinghua University Press!
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