Feather friends @lindzicox
  • catherinegiudiciFeather friends @lindzicox

  • rdswingrover1@catherinegiudici congrats to you & Sean, excited to see the wedding!!! It was a beautiful episode, brought tears to my eyes!!! ❤
  • tangerinetango1And yes... the proposal and every little interaction you guys have had on the show were definitely GENUINE! Hoping you'd last a lifetime! ❤
  • somboutmaryYour sisters told Sean you were lazy & sloppy...and he chooses you. Cant wait to hear more about your eternal love!!!
  • amesmeeStay real Catherine! We love you and Sean! We wish you both nothing but the best future, love and family together...@seanlowesku
  • noirlashloungeAhhh you and @lindzicox were at #AstonManor - love it!!
  • hallchr97@queenletona who cares! They can AFFORD a maid!
  • somboutmary@chall1 yea...Sean might actually end up being more successful in love with the maid!
  • monahgrahamIf you don't like Catherine then why the fuck are you on her IG simple as that! She's happy why should she give a fuck what y'all think #ignorantbitches#getalifehoe
  • kmorannnWow haters!!!! Leave them alone! Just be happy for them my goodness how hard is it to be happy for other people? Give them a chance at happiness without bad mouthing them
  • lolaponiPlease do not let the devil tear you apart. Being in the public eye is so easy for the devil to use others to spread venom! Keep the love and focus on that - God Bless!
  • mrsjtsondergeldStop the bullying! Unless you're 100% flawless inside + out, you aren't to judge anyone. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Lift people up instead of tear them down. Spread love, not hate. Hate + being a bully are ugly ugly diseases! Choose your words wisely because what goes around will come back around to either bite you or help you, the choice is yours! @catherinegiudici congratulations! You deserve all the happiness + love in the world! Wishing you + Sean a long, happy life together full of love + laughter! ♥♥♥
  • mommyyanni27Ur so maganda/gwapa inside out...<3 Love u & Sean. Take care!
  • oliviasoccerlife22U r BEAUTIFUl and PERFECT for @seanloweksu I wish u the best I picked u from day one I love ur personality I wish I was like u u r an amazing with a.very
  • oliviasoccerlife22Good guy ily guys together
  • amelia.harriganI wish I can grow up to be like you . I'm only ten so I have a while to go but you are my role model. I wish you the best with @seanloweksu / @seanlowe09 .
  • laurenmarie0903You are so pretty! I really enjoyed watching you on the show. Perfect example of the perfect combination of sexy and weird! :)
  • leesajones11@catherinegiudici I hope u see all the young girls that are saying ur their role model! What an honor
  • leesajones11Good luck :)
  • _natalie.nicoleI Remember Linzi! U two are beautiful
  • taloofiجميله تهبل
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