daytonaa! @highopey @katie_roden @mstayloroohlala
  • macideshanebookoutdaytonaa! @highopey @katie_roden @mstayloroohlala

  • heart_breakkrOne @whenjanelsmiles
  • katiecreepzalot@brookegeeee I literally do not even remember this so....?
  • katiecreepzalot@brookegeeee yeeeah I think it's time to let it go
  • heart_breakkrIt ain't just cleavage stupid bitch it's also how you look! Looks like your ready to fuck anyone in that picture lol who cares if I'm half naked unlike you I'm skinny and can pull it off and I ain't a mom DUMB FUCK hahaha @brookegeeee
  • heart_breakkrClearly you need a dictionary! Just cause I'm sexy don't mean I work the corner! By the way you dress you look like a cheap prostitute! How am I ghetto lol I don't even talk black and I'm white so you just made yourself look so fucking stupid lol go be a mom miss piggy and stop stalking my page! @brookegeeee
  • msperez1018@brookegeeee. @britt_bee1234 lets please be adults and stop bashing one another on someone else's picture! Not cool of either of you!! Everyones entitled to there own opinions, but like I was taught "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!" @macideshanebookout is a beautiful, loving, kind hearted soul who loves her son greatly and we all know it, nobody's perfect, we were not created perfectly, so to yall who keep pointing out her flaws, look at your own flaws before you start judging everyone else!
  • kriztinaxrose@macideshanebookout where did you get your bottoms !?!?
  • _lilli.anHow many tattoos do you have and what do they say?? @macideshanebookout
  • ruben_for_the_diehards_onlyWhoooohw nice
  • sob022202Holly shit
  • thisguyzthelimitDayyyumm.. lol
  • annabelleirvineHottie!
  • annabelleirvineI should say hotties!! 😘😘
  • mamalynn0308Can you post a picture of your amazing tattoos @macideshanebookout
  • krystineelaine^^^some of the girls up top need to grow up
  • islopez1230its sad how much u shit u talked about farrah's past and you want everyone to think you are a perfect and respectful mom yet u are posting pictures in bikinis, booty shorts showing half of your ass and not to mention all the pictures you have with liquor in you hand. bet Bentley will be so proud huh when he looks back at these pictures
  • aleit04@islopez1230 lol you are pathetic, chug some drano
  • xo_bentley_and_lacees_momma_xoLol are any of u mothers or fathers??^^^ u have to have time for yourself, and your telling me you've never wore or posted a picture of yourself in a bikini?? Get over yourself she is a great mother, BC of how she treats Bentley not what she wears!! Or if she goes out every now and then. Just like every other mother in this world!! U have to have time for yourself plain and simple. Why u mad at a bikini?? Cause she's had two kids and still looks amazing?? And ur jealous?? Grow up people. No one is a perfect parent. But she's doing nothing wrong. 👌
  • holdencoulterGoddamn😜
  • kaylarideout@jjjjjwoolman
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