Boyz' kkkkkkkk
  • seungriseyoBoyz' kkkkkkkk

  • jeanne_shp👌👌👌👍👍
  • aina_noraliffWhen I see this photo, it just make me sad because you guys wont be together for a while and you guys aren't making any group album for a while coz you guys are going military. For me, It is just sad not seing you guys in a couple of years together. Just gonna miss you guys so much. We'll see BigBang together recently only. I'm just excited seing you guys together for next years MAMA2016. Coz just seing you guys together brings back old memories. We Love You BIGBANG!!
  • interstarlightAmo essa foto @maria_claramd
  • transeyoOmg 당신은 저를 초대하지 왜 D; *cri*
  • wtdrose마시고싶어요 ㅋㅋ
  • bigbang_aya💗🙈💗
  • dtt_tt高糊图……
  • ting_shuqiqilike😚💕
  • danhuanger999good night
  • hanabeekSome ppl think Kpop is just nothing... But for me it's EVERYTHING!!!
  • syifaa_lysyaI have that picture
  • ygloveryy시크빅뱅!블랙빅뱅!!
  • moz.tokyoこのvisualすき!
  • oao_pumbaa好花啊
  • seungri_grimiss you
  • xxxbabygd不管 我要梦见你们
  • anurfitrianapLucuuu
  • yipyao1101Happy Birthday Oppa 🐼🎂
  • ayano_times1030スンリさんがこれからの1年どのように活動されるかは分かりませんが心から応援しています
  • gdthatsmewhoyounotme유후
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