Thank You Nancy in KC! I love this book. And you.
  • jason_mrazThank You Nancy in KC! I love this book. And you.

  • laurascheeperssI HAVE THE SAME PEN ✌
  • naimanamasteSweeet i'm gonna read it @jason_mraz
  • iamtylerwilsonYou're a pretty cool dude, Jason Mraz. Took me a long time to realize it.
  • ameelyaaWhen u come to INDONESIA? @jason_mraz
  • jacasabalyou should also watch the short film @jason_mraz
  • aikondaikonthat's nice♣♢♥♤
  • weakduck24Come to China please!!!
  • nani_doursounianI'm yoooooooursss 💓
  • thuyanhluuLove the cover
  • peaceloverawMy daughter blueberry says that's not your hat thats mommy's hat, I say someone gave me this hat. She says Jason Mraz? Then she says I'm going to give a hat to Jason Mraz. She is 2 years old you have influenced her to love.
  • gina_dee32That's sweet! I got that!!! That's cool!
  • gamachan85You should think about a new song name, like the book. Than, I won't know if I have to put you in iTunes or in iBooks..
  • itscamchamp@jason_mraz I think Im a really good singer I know our in the music industry and all and I think u wont have the time to read this but if you do read this I would like to take singing to the next level being a pro singer is my dream
  • adrianne5992There is a man here in Denver, calls himself the Tree Fairy, that plants trees secretly in the night!
  • marlieke77Michael McCurdy rocks. His carvings are so beautiful. Love that level of craftsmanship. One of a kind.
  • marie_tepetate:O
  • jayr_torioI saw a play about that story
  • nani_mndzIm such a big fan of ur music! Ur lyrics actually make a difference on the music world and in people lives...keep doing awesome music!! @jason_mraz
  • harrymm98I hav never read dis book bt i no de story nd i absolutly love it!!
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