View from my kitchen window. By  @artbydjboy . #instagramuptown #inwood #Washingtonheights #nyc #newyorkcity.  Hi, my name is Dj Boy and I'm an Instagramer *hi dj boy*. It's been 9 hours since my last post and I feel the itch. :-). I never write anything on my posts other than a short caption but since I'm holding the Baton, guess ill write more. I woke up early today since I usually wake up whenever my body feels like it, to buy tickets to the jay-z and Justin timberlake concert to find out the presale is only for citi members. Psh. So I slept a few hours for nothing. Plans for the day. Edit at least one video, catch up on some shows, visit a museum or two, enjoy another day alive. Glad to be part of this baton running! #nycbaton #uptown #photography
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