Sorry Italy, we took pizza and made it better. #NYC #pizza #sauce #yum #munchies
  • nycbatonSorry Italy, we took pizza and made it better. #NYC #pizza #sauce #yum #munchies

  • macrofernWhere @?
  • jill4675😁😁😁🍕
  • sallylouwhoTruth! I love NY pizza!
  • nycbatonNear 42nd st and 8th ave - they say our pizza is the best cuz of the NY water!
  • joansdance@nycbaton as a NY'er living in LA I would totally agree!
  • binghott42 and 8th? Where?
  • courtneyisjadedDisagree
  • aklehtiLooks horrible
  • akwhitfieldPizza has an American origin! I learned that in Italy. 👍
  • dashinglyelevatingNot true! Looks blegh! Ever ate pizza in Italy? I have!
  • zepstergramI'm not knockin italian pizza especially brick oven its awesome... but I grew up on a plain slice from mom n pop brooklyn joints like that :)
  • annie_That sort of arrogant & offensive caption would only originate in America.
  • sarahplayshouseI'm an Aussie and when I see pizza on American movies and sitcoms it makes me think the characters are eating cardboard. You shouldn't be able to fold a pizza or roll it up. Our pizzas have lots of toppings. In saying this, if I ever get to visit America, I need to try a slice to compare 😉. I have to say I also agree with @annie_
  • violettevdbHum did you ever had pizza in Rome .???
  • zepstergramDid u ever have pizza at Grimaldis or Lombardis? Its all italian.. just a new york version. Like how London curry spots are a little different from real indian food :)
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