The Midwest is so terrifyingly flat!
  • alexwrekkThe Midwest is so terrifyingly flat!

  • ___erickalynTerrifying? How so?
  • alexwrekk@scarredandbruised BECAUSE IT IS SO FLAT! There are noountains or hills and it freaks me out,
  • ___erickalynExcept we actually have a lot of hills, you just haven't spent enough time here to know that! Take a drive through Wisconsin with me sometime. :)
  • alexwrekkI spent 2 weeks in Minneapolis in 2002. Are those the kind of hills that are more like trenches dug out of the earth? Or like earth that has been pushed up?
  • alana_tattoosI spent my whole life in the Midwest and drive across the country and its flat as hell, especially compared to out here.
  • alexwrekkI have spent most of my life in the west and I guess I have alway associated mountains with safety, especially the mountains in Utah and living in a valley where there was a 10,000 peak out my front window.
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